Moonlight Crusade: Chapter 6, Part 2

Scott Kinkade
3 min readJul 14, 2020

Kyle manages to escape from Angelica. Meanwhile, Ursula composes a mysterious email.

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After the strange bespectacled woman left, so did Kyle Falconer in shadow form. No one had seen him enter the alley.

No one, that was, except Chloe. The scene Kyle had created upon leaving the bar had been easily noticed by her.

A vampire could spot another vampire in shadow form if she knew he was there. And, unfortunately for him, she knew. She could kill him now, but she needed him to lead her to Ursula Southeil.

So, for the time being, she followed him.

* * *



Subject: Farewell

This is to be my final message. Things have progressed faster than I originally envisioned, yet I must face my fate.

I met the boy I saw in my visions and I saved him from Kyrios and his manzil. He’s going to do great things. My one regret is that I won’t be around to guide him for much longer.

I want to express my eternal gratitude for everything you and the other girls have done for me. You took me in when everyone else wanted to kill me, so thank you for that. My life — or whatever you call a vampire’s existence — was better for having known you.

With that, I will bid you adieu. May fortune forever shine on you.



P.S. I am including Kyle’s (that’s the boy) cell phone number in case you ever want to meet him.

Ursula sent the e-mail and shut off her computer. Within moments, she heard the front door of the shut bang shut.

* * *

Kyle slammed the door and frantically locked it. His heart was practically an Olympic athlete with all the exercise it had been getting lately.

He stepped away from the door and stared at it, paranoid that crazy woman would burst through it. He didn’t know if she was a vampire; she had seemed incensed at the very suggestion. But if she wasn’t, then how was she so strong? She had been asking him questions like a cop, but he had never heard of a cop…

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